Q & A

Q: When shopping at the online shop, the page does not respond or the occurrence of unusual circumstances; what should I do?
A: You should click refresh or check whether the network properly, that can visit other or not sites. If the above two methods are ineffective, the online shop may be updating, it may affect your browsing, hope to understanding

Q: I do not receive the relevant invoice email from the online shop after payment?
A: Please make sure your email address is correct, check the junk mail in the mailbox; If you still cannot find the email, please login the online store, click the button “profile” that in the top right of the screen to print or save the relevant documents.

Q: How can I find my password when I forget the password?
A: In the login screen, press "Forgot Password", enter the registration e-mail and telephone number. Online shop system will send the new login password to your mailbox.

Q: How to modify the login password?
A: Please login, click your name that at the top right of the screen, then modify the login password.

Q: What skills of setting login password?
A: For your account security, when you set a password, please refer to the following recommendations:
1. The password consisting of 6-20 bit characters (case sensitive).
2. the use of digital, a combination of letters or symbols, such as: gklfd_157, 89712am% & so on.