BIOSCREEN Laboratories provide endowments and funding for Fellowships in Medical and Natural Sciences in recognition of excellence in scientific research, education and innovation.

The BIOSCREEN Fellowship at Peterhouse, Cambridge University

Dr. Clare Baker was the BIOSCREEN Fellow in Biology at Peterhouse, Cambridge from 2006-2009. A Lecturer in the Department of Physiology, Development & Neuroscience at Cambridge University, her research area is developmental biology, specifically the embryonic development of the peripheral nervous system.

Dr. Baker was an undergraduate and graduate student at Clare College, Cambridge University. After receiving her PhD, she spent a year in Paris and six years at Caltech in southern California doing postdoctoral research, before returning to Cambridge in 2002 to take up the University lectureship.

The current BIOSCREEN Fellow is Professor Andrew Lever who is Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Cambridge. His research interests concern retroviruses, in the uses of retroviruses as gene vectors for gene therapy and understanding how they replicate in order to find new therapies.

Professor Lever is currently researching on using gene modified endothelial progenitor cells (quasi stem cells) to re-populate endothelium damaged during transplantation to reduce chronic reaction.

Peterhouse, Cambridge was founded in 1284, the oldest Cambridge college. Its strong base of traditions in scientific innovation has produced five Nobel Laureates (Kendrew, Klug, Martin, Perutz, Levitt) as well as innovators such as Babbage (computer), Kelvin (electricity), Whittle (jet engine) and Cockerill (hovercraft).