Follicular Unit Multiplication Procedure

FUM (Follicular Unit Multiplication) is a unique innovation, this revolutionary hair multiplication method, which has already been used on thousands of clients, has been heralded internationally as pioneering. It is fast, painless, without scarring, and with guaranteed success. The results look completely natural. It can even determine the growth direction of your new hairs. Unlike conventional cutting and laser methods, the donor hairs also regrow.


Until now, the FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction ) method and the conventional cutting and laser methods were the only techniques available. Unfortunately, however the results they produce often do not look natural. In addition, the man or woman is left with small scars in the donor in the case of FUE and a very large scar in the case of the other techniques. This makes those techniques far from ideal. The traditional techniques involve moving the hair, the patient therefore loses at least as much hair as is gained.


FUM is more analogous to taking cuttings to produce new plants. Because only some of the hair stem cells are taken, the hair grows back in the donor areas. The most revolutionary aspect is that the donor area is not damaged.- no scarring and no hair loss in the donor area. The difference is that with FUM, only a tiny part of the hair follicle is removed. In this way, the majority of it remains in the donor area where it will produce new hair. Consequently, the donor area is preserved for future treatments, which is why this technique should actually be referred to as hair multiplication rather than transplantation. The hair follicles are preserved in the donor area, there is no scarring, and no visible loss of hair density occurs in the donor area. This also allows us to guarantee that for the most part, the hairs in the donor area will grow back.


In addition to the difference in the retention of hair follicles, with FUM the holes are much, much smaller than the holes created with traditional hair transplant techniques. This allows the grafts to be placed much more closely together without a bunching effect. In addition, FUM allows the hair growth direction to be precisely determined. Because of the tiny dimensions of the grafts in FUM and the fact that they fit precisely in the holes, the grafts bond in their new location very quickly. Circulation is restored within one day, so healing is faster and the chance of scarring is nil.


  • Improve baldness and the density of hair
  • Restore hairline
Suitable for

  • Baldness or hair thinning problems
  • Postpartum hair los
  • Wants to improve the density of hair and hairline