Ice Slim Treatment


Our Ice Slim Treatment now combines cryolipolysis with an advanced new heating technology. The simultaneous use of both technologies produces ideal results. Heat targets the treatment area to invigorate blood circulation and activate the body's metabolism, enhancing the effectiveness of fat reduction. Your therapist will comprehensively target large areas of fat using the innovative 300mm applicator equipped with suction cups of various sizes. The treatment also allows to tailor the most effective slimming methods to your body condition. The synergistic interaction of the cooling, heating, and vacuum technologies accelerates the natural process of dead cells elimination, creating a noticeably more sculpted body contour. Compared with the use of the freezing technology alone, this combined technique significantly increases the effectiveness and the lasting power of the treatment. #




- Reduces and prevents the accumulation of fat

- Improves blood circulation in specific areas

- Provides fast and effective results

- Permanently removes targeted fat cells 



Suitable for

- Have area-specific fat deposits stubborn to dieting and exercising

- Have slow metabolism and blood circulation

- Are allergic to laser and radio frequency

- Want rapid results 



# Individual results may vary.