The inspiration for our skincare products came from our passion for the Ginkgo Biloba Tree. Its history takes us on an ancient journey to the genesis of the world, since the tree has adapted to the most precarious conditions for over 250 million years. Within living memory, the tree has been venerated in China for its extraordinary ability to resist extreme conditions, proving its capability to fight off not only bacteria but also urban and industrial pollution and having survived an atomic bomb. And it still continues to defeat time.

For over 20 years, we have conducted research on this mystical tree with the intention to unveil its secrets and be able to help you make use of its powers: to improve the condition of your skin, your well-being and your beauty.

Over time, the Ginkgo Biloba has not only proven its extraordinary strength, but also its effectiveness when it comes to enhancing your skin. Present in the heart of all our products, Ginkgo Biloba functions in synergy with other valuable plants in order to yield outstanding results for the condition of each individual's skin type, leaving a refined smoothness, brilliant clarity and sensitivity-freedom:
The products help your skin to free itself from its self-defence activity and provide it with synergetic high performance active skin-repair and corrective ingredients. They will progressively restore a healthy balance and therefore make it resistant to environmental impacts and enable it to show its true, healthy beauty.