ULTRA-LIFT Treatment


ULTRA-LIFT is an non-invasive face lifting technology simulates an ultimate lifting effect, which maintain and restore the skin elasticity and structure. To prevent it from sagging, also invigorate the collagen regeneration and minimize the appearance of wrinkles for a firmer and smoother skin texture. ULTRA-LIFT treatment can adjust the energy output according to different skin needs to avoid skin burns or discomfort, to ensure safe and reliable.



-  Lifting and firming
-  Diminish wrinkles
-  To avoid sagging skin
-  Refines complexion
-  Reduces eyes puffiness and dark circles


Suitable for:

-  Sagging skin
-  Uneven skin tone
-  Slow skin metabolism
-  Dark circles under eyes
-  The appearance of wrinkles


# CE certified. Individual results may vary.