Time Reserve Hydrating Treatment


The treatment combines four ageing solution products, which include Diozinac Matifying, Q10, Ginkolis and Whitening Serum. By using it under four stages of ageing (Enlarged pores > Uneven skin > dehydration > skin pigmentation), the product is effective for wrinkles and blemishes, and helps solve muscle problems and aging of bone tissues. Also, it may greatly enhance the skin density and firmness, promote the rehabilitation of facial bones and reshape facial contour.



- Repair DNA molecules

- Improves the newborn muscle tissue’s ability

- Stimulates bone growth and bone density

- Strengthens the thickness of dermis layer

- Strengthens the communication channels of hydration

- Improves muscles tissue

- Improves facial contour

- Stimulates the activity in fibroblasts

- Increases cellular activities

- Stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system


Suitable for:

- Early signs of skin laxity