HIFU Collagen Boosting FaceLift Treatment


Treatment uses the world’s unique non-invasive face lifting and tightening technology, favorably with the traditional face-lifting surgery, the technology is guaranteed low risk, no downtime and non-invasive. Targeting at the SMAS (superficial muscular Apo neurotic system), a fascia which is located right above the muscle, to achieve lifting and firming effect by means of thermal coagulations. Beside from lifts and firm skin, the treatment also helps to improve double chin management, wrinkle reduction and jowl lifting.



- Firms and lifts skin

- Smoothens wrinkles

- Improves eye contour

- Enhance elasticity of skin


Suitable for:

- Busy lifestyle client urges on instant and effective result

- Lack elasticity of skin near the neck and resultng in double chin

- Puffy face contour