SIDERIA RF Treatment


Sideria RF is an advanced non-invasive and painless Radio Frequency Technology against skin aging, equipped with a brand new innovative Multipolar Radio Frequency handpiece for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. The three concentric electrodes configuration allows energy to penetrate at two different depths, exceeding the limits of the Monopolar and Bipolar RF methods.


Sideria RF is safe, painless and fast, with no downtime, and helps diminish visible signs of aging and stimulate cell growth and tissue repair. It also equipped with a derma-temperature control system which instantly detects the temperature of the skin and regulates the power of the emissions. The temperature is automatically maintained during the treatment. #



-  Tightens the skin
-  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
-  Improves skin elasticity
-  Repairs damaged and ageing skin


Suitable for:

-  Sagging skin
-  Poor facial contour
-  Uneven skin tone
-  Appearance of wrinkles


# Individual results may vary.