Nd: YAG Laser Rejuvenating Treatment


The Laser rejuvenation devices we use in this treatment are U.S. FDA certified, and come highly recommended by European laser specialists. The latest in laser technology, our machines are able to deliver laser wavelengths at 1,064nm. Laser treatment at 1,064nm can induce collagen formation in the bottom layer of the skin, while also facilitating the production of elastin fibers. Our Laser treatment also consolidates and rebuilds the underlying tissue of the skin, visibly improving firmness. Undesirable skin pigmentation such as hormone spots and chloasma are also eliminated. Skin is left firmer, healthier and brighter.



- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

- Restores collagen

- Improves skin tone

- Minimizes pores


Suitable for:

- Lacks elasticity of skin

- Uneven skin tone

- Dilated pores

- Sagging skin of face and neck