Ion Touch Revitalizing Treatment


The use of “Ion Touch” helps enhance ion activity, stimulate acupoints, smooth the flow in the meridian system, balance the health of internal organs and strengthen blood circulation.



- Strengthens meridian system and blood circulation

- Improves the health of bones and tendons

- Expels damp and chill from inside the body

- Enhances carminative functions


Suitable for:

- Poor circulation

- Dull skin with sallow tone

- Tired face, eyes and neck

Ancient Acupressure Facial Massage Treatment


The Chinese 5 elements theory and the acupressure points reflect the body’s circulatory system. The acupressure facial massage combines with ancient Chinese massage techniques that could stimulate the body meridian and regulate the circulatory system.



- Improves skin tone

- Anti-puffiness

- Uplifting the contour of the face

- Improves drainage

- Reduces double chin


Suitable for:

- Puffiness of the face due to poor drainage

- Uneven skin tone

GCS 膠原再生面部修護
Gingko Touch Treatment


The unique Ginkgo Touch is an exclusive Bioscreen treatment, which aims to restaure energy levels in the body. The Ginkgo Touch Massage eliminates toxins from the face by literally absorbing the negative energy out of the skin. It aims to maintain a balanced flow of energy and to accelerate the penetration of nutrients. The skin becomes velvet-soft and purified, thus regaining its shine and brilliance.



- Uplifts and firms the skin

- Brightens up sallow complexion

- Improves drainage of the face and diminishes water retention

- Enhances face contour

- Removes negative energy and calms the mind

- Regains face radiance


Suitable for:

- Health & ecology conscious clients

- Sagging skin

- Skin with wrinkles and lack of nutrients

- Tired skin with uneven skin tone

- Poor drainage

S-LINE Forcus Cavitation Slimming Treatment


Through the three layers cavitation, S-LINE Forcus Cavitation Slimming Treatment produces ultra-fine water molecules, which increases the level of penetration of the slimming products into the body and disintegrate the unwanted fat, in order to help you in achieving the perfect body shape.



- Instantly reduces stubborn fat

- Firms the skin, reduces water retention and improves the skin quality

- Re-sculpts body shape

- Reduces cellulite

- Improves blood circulation

- Increases oxygen in the body and improves metabolism


Suitable for:

- Accumulated fat cells inside the body

- Reshaping body contour

- Appearance of cellulite

- Stubborn fat

- Postnatal individuals




S-LINE Forcus Cavitation Slimming Treatment

Plasma Jet Rejuvenating Treatment


Our innovative machines convert nitrogen gas into plasma energy. The plasma completely reconstructs the skin’s natural architecture, revitalizing fiber cells, stimulating collagen formation and accelerating micro-circulation. Problem zones with wrinkles, pigments, acne spots and sagging skin can be targeted and corrected, with the Glory Jet treatment resulting in wrinkle reduction, significant skin tightening, and rejuvenation of the skin including the eye contour areas.



- Firms and lifts skin

- Enhances elasticity of skin

- Reduces wrinkles

- Refines dilated pores

- Improves skin complexion


Suitable for:

- Sagging skin

- Uneven skin tone

- Dark circles under eyes

- Loose of collagen

Power Peel Rejuvenating Treatment


Power Peel technology is the latest natural, non-invasive, relaxing and painless skin rejuvenating treatment that shows outstanding results. Pressurized air accelerates a jet of micro droplets (50-80µm) up to speeds of 230m/sec, which then gently and painlessly cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It delivers moisture, vitamins and nutrients to the dermis, leaving skin more vibrant, smooth and youthful. #



- Refines dilated pores

- Improves skin complexion

- Enhances exfoliation process

- Accelerates blood and lymph circulation

- Better result before Photofacials


Suitable for:

- Sensitive skin

- Uneven skin tone

- Dehydrated skin

- Active acne



Power Peel Deep Cleansing & Moisture Treatment (Face)

Power Peel Deep Cleansing & Moisture Treatment (Neck)



Bio-photomodulation is a medical photo-activation system that utilise Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to alter and accelerate cellular function, improving skin elasticity, and helping to repair damaged and ageing skin.


This natural process relies on the selective absorption of low energy wavelengths by chromophorees, modulating cellular function and tissue repair.



-  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

-  Repairs damaged and ageing skin

-  Refines complexion

-  Improves skin elasticity

-  Activates blood circulation

-  Diminishes pore size and acne 


Suitable for:

-  Uneven skin tone

-  Sagging and ageing skin

-  Skin with wrinkles and fine lines

-  Skin suffering from inflammation

ULTRA-LIFT Treatment


ULTRA-LIFT is an non-invasive face lifting technology simulates an ultimate lifting effect, which maintain and restore the skin elasticity and structure. To prevent it from sagging, also invigorate the collagen regeneration and minimize the appearance of wrinkles for a firmer and smoother skin texture. ULTRA-LIFT treatment can adjust the energy output according to different skin needs to avoid skin burns or discomfort, to ensure safe and reliable.



-  Lifting and firming
-  Diminish wrinkles
-  To avoid sagging skin
-  Refines complexion
-  Reduces eyes puffiness and dark circles


Suitable for:

-  Sagging skin
-  Uneven skin tone
-  Slow skin metabolism
-  Dark circles under eyes
-  The appearance of wrinkles


# CE certified. Individual results may vary.